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Have we forgotten someone?
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Played a festival and don’t see your band’s website on the list?
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  • Adam Monaco Band – Adam Monaco, Philadelphia¹s finest singer songwriter that you haven¹t heard yet, has that boy next store charm without the scent of desperation. www.adammonaco.com

  • Apex Watson – Jazzy Jamband, one of SHARE’s recurring pleasures. www.apexwatson.com

  • Aaron Daniel Gaul – has mastered both the acoustic guitar and sound looping technology. Along with strong vocal delivery, ADG offers up a totally unique sound. www.roundtablepresents.com

  • Barby Holder – first graced our stage in the fall of ’92 with her unique blend of folk, country and Celtic music. She and Chris Laugherty performed as late as spring 2006, when they treated us to some fine vocal, guitar and hammered dulcimer enchantment. Barby travels the country playing venues such as Renaissance Faires. This is how you will find free slots no deposit. Adhere to the website link! www.barbyholder.com

  • Bayou Bandits – Cajun music is uniquely American and the Bayou Bandits are working hard to bring this energetic Louisiana music to the people of the NorthEast. The Bandits have created their own sound by taking traditional Cajun music and stamping it with their influences in Blues, Rock, Country and Zydeco. www.bayoubandits.net

  • Brave The Day – a Harrisburg area favorite, play a great blend of alternative country and rock. They bring their own brand of originality complete with awesome songwriting skills and tight musicianship. Their songs feature clean licks coupled with nice melodies. www.myspace.com/bravetheday

  • Brooks West – This Fargo North Dakota native blends elements of contemporary folk, country, and pop music into his own compelling style…”Acoustic neo-folk music in a crunchy chocolate shell with a gooey-sweet center.” You can hear two fine original cuts on SHARE the Music Volume 3. Visit Brooks West Online

  • Dem Guise – Original music and covers from the bluesy end of classic rock…soaring leads with thick grooves from members of Flying Colors’ rhythm section. http://mitchmorrill.tripod.com

  • Eli Charleston – is a rare master of classic ragtime guitar, with a voice that couldn’t be better suited for the style. His extensive tours of America have included stints of solo “busking”, (playing on street corners of countless big cities) as well as major venues and festivals as opener for national touring bands such as Ten Mile Tide, Aphrodesia and the African Showboyz. Eli’s first release, “Ragged Time” features some of central PA’s finest musicians, while his much-anticipated second disc will display his true ragtime nature in a raw solo format. elicharleston.com

  • Family Groove Company – SHARE sister Janis Wallin brings her Chicago based band to our stage. They’re kinda like if Steely Dan was a jamband. www.familygrooveco.com

  • Flying Colors – Flying Colors plays almost exclusively original music, penned by founding member Mike Banks. The music defies categorization, but if you like Santana and the Grateful Dead, you’ll like Flying Colors. ‘Colors’ has been SHARE’s unofficial house band for nearly two decades. www.myspace.com/flyingcolorsmusic

  • Freerange Robots – from Spokane, Washington made their SHARE Fest debut at the fall 2006 festival. Their original blend of alternative folk rock instantly endeared them to the SHARE family, and unlike most of the touring bands who grace our stage, they stayed and camped and frolicked with the children all weekend. Contact them or sample their music at www.myspace.com/freerangerobots

  • Funktion (formerly Stone Jug) – One of central PA¹s hottest bands, givin¹ up da funk www.stonejug.net

  • Gene Hosey – Poet, Writer, Thinker”… Gene Hosey has been one of PA’s most celebrated poets for decades. He was a founding member of the nationally known poets’ and performers group “The Paper Sword” in 1983, and twenty years later, was named by Harrisburg Magazine as “Simply the Best” poet of Harrisburg. Around 1994 he assembled an extremely eclectic musical group to back his poetry in a performance art genre, for lack of a better term, called Gene Hosey and the God Awful Truth. We were lucky to have them at our spring ’95 festival. www.genehosey.com

  • herbie – Central PA-based jam/rock/funk quartet, herbie, seamlessly fuses rock, funk, jazz, and jam-style music into their own characteristic, high-energy brand of music that is genuinely fun, refreshingly original, but always infectious! www.herbierock.com

  • Hexbelt – York, PA homegrown groove! www.hexbelt.com

  • Jerry Joseph – You SHARE old timers may recall that after leaving his band Little Women, one of Jerry’s first stops on his solo path was SHARE Fest, back at the hollow. www.jerryjoseph.com

  • Juggling Suns – First-class original jam music from seasoned veterans of the East Coast music scene. Their legendary predecessor, Solar Circus, was one of the first serious bands to grace our stage in the early days of the festival. www.jugglingsuns.com

  • London File – A versatile repertoire of original songs…audiences are treated to improvisation and exhilaration…the spontaneity of the moment shapes all of London File’s shows. www.londonfile.net

  • Montana Wildaxe – Delaware’s own psychedelic/roots rock jam band! www.montanawildaxe.com

  • Nate Myers & The Aces – Originally a blues band, these guys are constantly evolving. A great band who take themselves (not too) seriously, the Aces are comprised of some of the finer musicians on the central PA scene. Nate knows his way around the harmonica and knows how to work a crowd. www.myspace.com/natemyersandtheaces

  • Quagmire Swim Team – one of the most talented and energetic jam bands to ever rock the SHARE stage! You have to play and get great bonuses in wolf run online slot here. Don’t skip your chance to be a lot more rich. www.quagmireswimteam.com

  • Robin Stone – Playing Pop, Funk/Soul/R&B, Rock, & Jazz, and based in Cleveland, OH. Robin now has her own record label! www.SheLovesYouRecords.com

  • Rombis – Site is under construction but lists show dates. www.rombis.com

  • Sara B. Simpson & Second Wind – Sara is a great Harrisburg based singer-songwriter and longtime friend of SHARE, with a voice too compelling for her own one guitar to keep up with. But her new band Second Wind is up to the task, and then some. They made their SHARE Fest debut at the chilly winded but warm-hearted fall 2006 festival. www.myspace.com/roundtablepresents

  • Shawn Ruby Drain – is an entertainer and a community builder, with a contagious energy. Today she is a renowned harpist, and singer-songwriter-ukulele player for Ruby & the Hummingbirds. But SHARE old timers remember Shawn as the crazy Canadian who formed the Free Spirit Potluck Club, and helped create the original SHARE community. Dave Drain is a master woodworker who specializes in building harps. Contact Shawn or Dave at 717-567-7826 or www.goharp.com

  • Steve & Friends & Friends of Friends – Steve Hefter and Friends and Friends of Friends homonymously describes both those who fraternize with Mr. Hefter (and of course those who subsequently hobnob with these ‘friends’) as well as a six piece musical ensemble (and their comrades of course!) that play music generally reflecting life as part of one or both aforementioned contingents. Many of us recall Steve as front man for the former Sons of Bruford who played our festival at “The Farm” location. Steve & Friends contributed two fine live cuts to our SHARE The Music, Volume 3. www.myspace.com/hefterandfriends

  • Steve Pepper Band – Innovative American roots rock from the Philly-Delaware area, which includes SHARE old-timer, guitar virtuoso Steve Bailey, formerly of Grinch. www.stevepepperband.com

  • Second Sky – laces together space-age electronica and global-village funk. The result is archaic-futurism that you can dance to. www.secondsky.net

  • Stone Jug (Now Funktion) – One of central PA¹s hottest bands, givin¹ up da funk www.stonejug.net

  • Ten Mile Tide – A San Francisco-based six-piece that plays feel-good acoustic rock, foot-stomping folk and beer-drenched bluegrass. – They call their sound “Americosmic Bluejam” and it’s a very apt tag for something so indescribably unique. www.tenmiletide.com

  • Ten Spiders – Philly’s own gift to Oregon…still family wherever they roam! – www.tenspiders.com

  • The Earthtones – An outstanding Reggae band from State College – come see why they have been a favorite among many of us for 20 years!! www.theearthtones.net

  • The Fat Handsome – This Central PA band blends musical styles with strong crafted songs resulting in a high-energy rock show. www.thefathandsome.com

  • The Nightcrawlers – Original, eclectic music with influences spanning jazz, latin, bluegrass, classical, rock-a-billy, raggae, rock, worldbeat and funk. www.the-nightcrawlers.com

  • The Shiftless Rounders – Bluegrass instruments but not exactly bluegrass. Some of New England’s finest players! www.theshiftlessrounders.com

  • Willie Jack and the Northern Light – These energetic roots rockers from Sunbury, PA first played on our stage in fall 2004. Even the torrential rains and wind of hurricane Ivan couldn’t dampen the spirits of the band and crowd that night! www.myspace.com/williejackampthenorthernlight

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  • Plenty – PLENTY INTERNATIONAL, founded in 1974, is a village-based international development agency. www.plenty.org and www.plenty.org/belizeprojects.htm

  • Procyon Productions – Procyon Productions is run by SHARE long-timers. They volunteer their time, talent and services to SHARE for website development, live mobile multi-track recording and CD production. www.procyonpro.com

  • Sierra Club – Inner City Outings (Harrisburg Chapter) – Harrisburg’s chapter of the Sierra Club program called Inner City Outings (ICO) is a community outreach program that provides wilderness experiences to inner city residents. ico.sierraclub.org/harrisburg

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  • Bliss America Project – features SHARE’s own Dave Neale, a driving force whether wielding his guitar or organizing festival volunteers. The music is intense, unpredictable and guaranteed psychedelic. Neale can also be heard locally with V3. dneale200@comcast.net

  • Ernest Goodlife Band – Blends original and introspective lyrics with heartfelt acoustic rock, creating a unique and distinctive sound…Originally from Boston, but now an eastern PA phenomenon. Contact Mark DeRose at derose.mark@gmail.com

  • Flying Colors – Flying Colors and SHARE are the taproots of the same tree, having germinated from the same seed in 1990 and having grown together and contributed to one another’s popularity and shared creative spirit. Today’s Flying Colors plays almost exclusively original music, all penned by founding member Mike Banks. The music defies categorization, but if you like Santana and the Grateful Dead, you’ll like Flying Colors. Banks plays many solo gigs around central PA and hosts several open mike nights in Harrisburg. For many years he was president of SHARE’s Board of Directors, and is the driving force behind the astounding light show we enjoy at our festivals. Two other original members are percussionist and published poet Lance Clewett, and guitarist Bill Rogers who returned to the band in 2004 after a 13-year hiatus. Clewett and Rogers are two thirds of SHARE’s legendary Oolong Boys. The final founding member is drummer, flutist and harmonica player, Neil Whitmoyer, who was the founding president of SHARE and is currently secretary of the Board of Directors. Bassist Dale Sharrah first joined the SHARE musical family performing with Inursha, Deviation and Soliel, and joined ‘Colors in 1995. Sharrah also performs with local favorites Dem Guise. The newest members of Flying Colors are long-time SHARE family Jeff King on keyboards and Becka (Leyon) Jankura on vocals. Contact Neil Whitmoyer at 717-385-5088 or schlappy@earthlink.net

  • Ken Jankura Jazz Quartet – Jazz Quartet braved the rains and flooding of Hurricane Ivan to debut at our fall 2004. Vocalist and upright bassist extraordinaire, Ken Jankura, has been at the core of central PA’s jazz scene for many years, and has the ability to assemble a top-flight jazz ensemble of any size for any occasion. By day he tunes and repairs pianos. Jankura first played at SHARE Fest in the early 90’s with local blues favorites The Belvederes, on the original Sycamore Stage back at the hollow. kenrpt@earthlink.net

  • Lance Clewett & Steve Clewett – Lance Clewett we all know from Flying Colors and the Oolong Boys. Steve Jewett wan a Harrisburg Reader’s Choice Award in 2004 for his guitar playing, but has also been a serious student of the sitar since 1999, specializing in the classical music of Northern India. Lance Clewett has pursued his classical training on North India tabla drums since the early 1990’s, studying under John Bell, a thirty-year disciple of Ali Akbar Khan, who, with Ravi Shankar, brought Indian Classical music to the West. Clewett and Jewett made their SHARE debut in the fall of 2006. Contact Steve Jewett at 717-236-2921 or Lance Clewett at 717-249-6912 or bluemoon51@juno.com

  • Lisa Barter – ranks among the finest singer/songwriter/guitarists ever to emerge from central PA. Her debut CD, “The Awakening” features some of Harrisburg area’s finest musicians, and her band Gossamer has appeared at many SHARE Fests, as well as Little Buffalo’ massive Moore Pavilion and countless smaller venues in the area. Contact Lisa at 717-732-2843

  • Ray Owen – singer/songwriter/guitarist/harmonica player/storyteller, comedian… is a one-of-a-kind personification of Americana who can charm you with a modern rendering of a long forgotten song, or deliver a brand new original that you’d swear is centuries old. Little wonder that his first release, “Well Wasted Afternoons” was nominated for a Grammy.

  • Sandy Hollow Bog Band – is essentially members of Flying Colors as the backup band for Canadian native, Cameron Molloy. Molloy enjoyed a string of hit songs in the Canadian country music charts in the 1960’s and lived the life of a country star, complete with tour bus, entourage many things we shouldn’t mention here. Through many complicated twists of fate he wound up putting down roots in central PA. Read about the birth of the Bog Band in the SHARE history. The Bog Band plays a mix of Molloy’s original tunes and the country rock side of the Grateful Dead. Contact Cameron at cjmolloy@comcast.net

  • Soleil – began in 1994 when the singer/songwriters Laurie Matlock and Tresa Paul combined the power and passion of their voices in strong, natural harmonies to form a duo dedicated to an eclectic mix of music– covers and beautifully crafted original songs that cross, recombine, and disregard the borders between folk, funk, rock, jazz, and bluegrass, inspired by and honoring the example of a wide arc of artists whose works and styles transcend and erase boundaries, such as Jonatha Brooke, Van Morrison, Aretha Franklin, Hank Williams, Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, Etta James and Gillian Welch. In 1999, Soleil added their ‘Secret Weapon,’ Laurie’s husband Scott Matlock, on violin, guitar, and vocals, expanding and enriching their harmonic and instrumental palette. Soleil has been honored to play for SHARE Festivals and Family from time to time since 1996, both on their own, with various other musicians and as the backup singers providing lush, spectral, earthy, and thrilling vocal harmonies for Flying Colors. Fun SHAREFact: Laurie and Scott actually started dating after talking and singing and laughing together all night at the Spring 97 Sharefest in Sandy Hollow. smatlock@state.pa.us

  • Stone Groove – These Philadelphia veteran rockers definitely know something about “groove”. The “stone” part is anybody’s guess! Their musical influences are too varied to enumerate here, but their finest material is their own, penned by singer/guitarists Steve Kauffman and Ed Aleva, who many of us know from the Giant Pandas. Contact Steve Kauffman at zenga59@aol.com

  • The Oolong Boys – SHARE Fest eases into festival Sunday at noon with the low volume intensity of the Oolong Boys. Their Alpha Wave-inducing instrumental music includes tabla player and longtime student of Classical Indian music, Lance Clewett, open-tuning modal acoustic guitar mastery of Bill Rogers, and Chris Kolonay playing the mandolin in a style all his own. Clewett and Rogers are also founding members of SHARE Fest favorites, Flying Colors. bill.rodgers@advantica.biz

  • Tom Walz – is the re-embodiment of the old school Bluesmen of the depression era roadhouses and juke joints. He takes all their legendary skill and passion and mainlines them directly into every note he sings and plays, regardless of what genre Americana music he is performing. Tom entertains. His lighthearted, humorous performances are that of a modern day vaudevillian with perfect timing and wit. Tom’s unique musical material is delivered via his huge voice, flashy acoustic guitar and the best soulful rack-mounted harmonica playing you’ll hear anywhere. tomwalz@hotmail.com

  • V3 – is a power acoustic rock trio made up of lead singer Tammi Taylor, guitarist and harmonica player Dave Neale, and percussionist Jack Books. All three musicians have played and recorded with numerous bands in the region over the last two decades. They play passionate covers of songs by performers such as The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, and The Who plus an eclectic mix of other classic, traditional and original music. V3 bring danceable energy to the songs you love. Come join the party! Contact V3 at 717-608-4657 or tammit23@comcast.net

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