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SHARE is an all-volunteer, non-profit environmental education and fund raising organization. We raise money by hosting invitation-only music festivals in the spring and fall. Most people camp out for a few nights. This is how you will find no deposit slots. Continue with the weblink!


Thank you for your patience in getting a slot at SHARE Fest. We try to be fair to entertainers who have been loyal to us, while staying open to new music. Musicians always want to come back, so the pool grows and it takes that much longer to work everyone into the schedule. If you are interested in playing at one of the festivals, please contact us by clicking here.

The stage is run by a professional sound company. Expect individual monitor mixes run by a dedicated tech, a top-of-the-line bass rig and drum kit, and attentive stage personnel. Lighting is done by “off duty” pro’s, and is impressive. Crowds are open-minded and enthusiastic. No fee for merchandizing. You have to play and get great bonuses in wolf run online slot here. Don’t skip your chance being much more rich.

If you have been contacted about having your band’s original music performance participate in the SHARE The Music CD and need a new copy of the release waiver you may download a generic version here:
Download the Generic Recording Waiver (PDF, 28Kb)

Interested in the company you keep as a SHARE performer? Download the master list of past and present SHARE bands:
Download the Bands Master List (PDF, 22Kb)


Coming Soon
If you are interested in providing a workshop at one of the festivals, please contact us by clicking here.

Talent |  Vendors |  Invitation Info |  Photo Gallery
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